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DOLL HOUSES | Girl Doll Houses - Kids Doll Houses

DOLL HOUSES | Girl Doll Houses - Kids Doll Houses
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Hape Toys Changing Table
Price: $54.00
Hape Toys City Family
Price: $54.00
Hape Toys DIY Dream House
Price: $180.00
Hape Toys Eco-Blocks
Price: $90.00
Hape Toys Farm Family
Price: $54.00
Hape Toys Happy Villa
Price: $90.00
Hape Toys Highchair
Price: $48.00
Hape Toys Stroller
Price: $54.00
KidKraft Amelia Dollhouse
Price: $149.95
KidKraft Kaylee Dollhouse
Price: $155.00
KidKraft Lil Doll Cradle
Price: $37.00
KidKraft Magnolia Mansion
Price: $158.00
KidKraft Soho Townhouse
Price: $190.00

Little girls always dream of having big doll houses in which their dolls live comfortably and happily. For this reason, Urban Child is proud to offer the biggest and most inclusive girl doll houses in the market. Our leading provider of kids doll houses is KidKraft whose mission emphasizes quality, design, dependability, and competitive pricing. Starting with the Annabelle dollhouse, it contains gorgeous details such as a molded latticework with a chandelier hanging from the ceiling, a new gliding elevator design, and the new wide windows allowing your kids to see their dolls from different points of view. If instead of girly doll houses your kid is more into the hip and modern, then the designer girl doll houses should be your choice. With its colorful furniture pieces and fun design, this house guarantees dolls will be living in style running down curved staircases and allowing your child to play with other children since it is large enough for multiple children to play at once. The doll houses recommended for those “country” children are the savannah doll houses which contain lots of room including a full outdoor patio just like the typical country home. However, the most innovative of the girl doll houses has to be the dollhouse bookcase which serves both as a toy and storage gadget. With its three shelves divided into six separate storage compartments as well as hidden compartment in which the little one scan hide their special treasures, these kids doll houses will be an all time favorite even after the kids grow up. For the eco-friendly families, the Eco Playhouse is part of the doll houses that will educate children to the importance of recycling, saving energy and being friendly to our environment through its themes of recycling, planting trees, bicycle and water butts as well as windmill and solar panels on the roof and a recycling bin. In addition to girl doll houses, little girls always want to role play when it comes to being a mother. Therefore, the doll cradles will definitely allow these children to accommodate their acting skills while giving their room that extra touch, with a scalloped trim and filigree cutouts or its cute bow designs. All the cradles come with a pillow, mattress, and blanket as well as the ability to rock back and forth just like the real thing with their sturdy construction made out of wood.

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