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DOG HOUSE | Pet Luxury Bed | Luxury Pet Beds - Indoor Dog House

Dog House - Indoor Dog House - Pet Luxury Bed - Luxury Pet Beds
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Fatboy Doggielounge - Large
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Fatboy Doggielounge - Small
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Fatboy Doggielounge Nametag - Large
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Fatboy Doggielounge Nametag - Small
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Fatboy Doggielounge Stonewashed - Large
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Fatboy Doggielounge Stonewashed - Small
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Magis Dog House 
Price: $1,154.00

Your dog longs to curl up in a comfy cave. You prefer furniture with modern pedigree. Take heart, dog-loving perfectionists, our BowHaus is equally irresistible to comfort-loving canines and the design hounds who adore them. If dog truly is man's best friend, then doesn't yours deserve the best dog house that money can buy? My Urban Child not only provides designer furniture and accessories for you and your children, but also features designer pieces for your pets (the other kids in your life)! With an indoor dog house , your dog will rest in comfort and style while being a true member of the family.

If you are a proud owner of a pet, you know how love and attachment forms for the new addition to your life. A pet luxury bed is a unique, modern way to make your four legged friend at home. We feature several designers that create ‘dog houses’ that double as furniture, allowing your contemporary needs to flourish in every aspect. Adding a space for your dog no longer means a large cage in the corner that seems out of place. Denhaus is a company that manufactures such pet luxury bed collections that are a complement to your modern decor. They truly act as a piece of furniture in your room with modern designs, the use of various materials, and are available in several colors. Your pet will be safe with an eco-friendly, non-toxic finish. And you will be at ease with the easy washable nature of these luxury pet beds . Sitting Bull designs bean bags that are washable, tear resistant, and made from safe materials. These beds not only serve their function but are fashionable as well, and will ensure that man’s best friend always has a place to snuggle. Just as you want to rest in comfort, your dog or cat will appreciate being put in the lap of luxury. When they can’t snuggle up to you, a pet luxury bed will soothe them to sleep.

The life of a pet consists of playing, sleeping, and eating as well as being comfortable and safe in their indoor dog house. Once you’ve taken care of their comfort and have tired them out with lots of running around, you want to make sure the other baby in the family is well fed. However, you may want to avoid the bulky feeding area in the kitchen. With animal feeders from Holden, functionality meets modern needs. The wood finishes are sleek in design, water resistant, and made of durable materials. Roebuck also features unique pieces made of fine materials offered in various finishes. Whether you have a dog, cat, or bird, these feeders can be personalized to your needs. An Indoor dog house is only the beginning to a modern space for your four-legged friend. There’s no reason why these necessities cannot blend perfectly with the décor throughout your home, and they should be made of the fine quality you require for the other furniture you have selected. Luxury pet beds are the cherry on top for your pet, and will make sure they’re always taken care of and guaranteed a good night’s sleep.

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