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Oeuf Cribs

Tips for Picking Out the Right Crib

Cribs are usually the first thing you think about when designing your nursery. In fact, most nurseries are built around the crib, as this is where your baby will be spending the first few years of his life. This is why it's absolutely essential to pick the right one in terms of safety, versatility, and even design. Nurseryworks

The first thing you need to consider about a crib is safety. While one may assume that most manufacturers follow certain safety standards, it may be best that you to clarify they do. New federal standards have been imposed on cribs as recent as last June 2011, such as the elimination of drop-side guard rails, as well as the requirement of stronger parts and hardware to ensure less chance of accidents.

When choosing a crib, check between the rails that they are no more than two inches apart. Any more than the recommended distance, and your baby has an increased risk of wedging a good portion of his head through the rails. Stay away from wide spaces between the rails. A baby's torso could also fit through widely spaced rails, but will trap his head inside the crib, causing injury. Also, if you can drop the side rails, ensure that they drop no more than 26 inches above the mattress support to prevent your baby from falling out of the crib altogether.

Affordability is another consideration that needs to be made, and you might be faced with the option of either buying a brand new crib or a second hand one. While getting a previously used crib might seem like the more practical (not to mention cost effective) option, the risks might outweigh the benefits.

For instance, you might have some cribs in the family that were built as far back as the 1970s. Lead paint was an essential component of cribs back then, and it wasn't until recently that they were found to be poisonous. Old cribs also tend to have splinters, as well as rickety joints and hinges that might lead to accidents later on. This is not to completely discourage new parents from opting for secondhand cribs, but caution in choosing one is strongly advised.

Look over the crib and ensure that all parts are in working order. Don't hesitate in going over every nook and cranny inspecting joints, nails and paint. Keep in mind that the whole of the crib should be painted over, to lessen the risk of sharp, rough edges showing through. Ensure that all of the wood, particularly the parts that face the inside of the crib, are all smoothened over.

The end panels of a crib should be solid. Also check that the corners are even with the surfaces of the rest of the panel, otherwise a baby's clothing can catch on a corner and result in strangulation. For largely the same reason, little details like any sharp points on the end panels also matter. Nurseryworks

Check the mattress to see if it's a good fit for the crib. If you can fit more than two fingers in between the edge of the mattress and the wood, it's not a suitable enough fit.

Fortunately, to put your mind at ease, Oeuf has a wide selection of cribs that adhere to the necessary safety standards, as well as offer an array of features that will help you get the most out of your purchase.

The Oeuf Classic Crib offers plenty of stability for the average nursery crib. The unit was built with a low center of gravity and fixed side rails, and you don't have to worry about the joints eventually coming apart, as the sides, footboard and headboard are all cut from the same wood panel. Corners are flat as well, so there's little chance of your baby's clothes getting caught in them. It's pretty clear that Oeuf didn't take any chances on safety with this one. Characteristic of most Oeuf products, the crib can be transformed into a toddler bed with help from a conversion kit. The three-position mattress support is also a major plus.

The Oeuf Classic Crib is the most basic of Oeuf's cribs, and the brand's subsequent cribs were built on the same safety designs.

Another Oeuf crib worth mentioning is the Oeuf Robin Crib, which differs slightly in design from the Oeuf Classic Crib but nonetheless offers the same stability, and adheres to the same rigid safety standards. Made of sturdy Birch plywood, one of the Robin Crib's main selling points is the non-toxic water-based finish. This is ideal for babies whose immune systems tend to overreact at the slightest chemical triggers. This crib is also built low to the ground, making it easier for parents to interact with their child, as well as to minimize any risks for accidents. A conversion kit turns the crib into a day bed for toddlers when your child is old enough to graduate from crib use.

If you're looking for a crib that combines both design and reliability, the Oeuf Robin Crib Espresso Finish offers a touch of elegance for your nursery. The dark browns on this crib looks very attractive, and to assure you of safety standards, the unit has been approved by European, Canadian, Australian and US standards—leaving no room for error. The finishes are non-toxic and water-based, and the Baltic birch plywood ensures that this crib is in for the long haul. Like the previous cribs, the Robin Crib Espresso Finish has a low centre of gravity that helps parents lift and return their child without causing any back pain or discomfort, as well as to prevent any untoward falls. The crib comes with a mattress, which can be adjusted at three key position points.

Other Crib Accessories

While a crib itself serves an important purpose, Oeuf is known for helping you get the most out of what you pay for their products. Several of their cribs are convertible to toddler or day beds for when your children are old enough, as well as support add-on features such as changing stations. This makes an Oeuf buy extremely practical and cost-effective over years of constant use.

For instance, the Oeuf Classic Changing Station may be installed on top of a crib for easier diaper changing or other necessary procedures. The great thing about this is that you manage to save space on getting a separate changing station for your nursery, and it also provides a safe place that's stable enough for changing your baby. The Classic Changing Station was designed to attach securely atop the Oeuf Crib, as well as other cribs of standard sizes. The station is available in white, birch or walnut finishes, and you can choose whichever best goes with the crib you have.

Other than changing stations, most cribs are convertible to toddler or day beds. This is extremely convenient, as it means that you don't have to get an extremely new unit altogether once your toddler is ready to learn how to get in and out of bed safely.

The Oeuf Sparrow Toddler Bed Conversion Kit allows your child to climb out of bed safely, and because the toddler bed is built low to the ground, it's easy for him to do this without inadvertently losing his balance. The conversion kit retains side rails (although these don't completely restrict movement), that prevent any falls when the toddler is asleep. If you wish, you can easily convert this back to the Oeuf Sparrow Crib by replacing the side panel.

Another conversion kit worth mentioning is the Oeuf Classic Toddler Bed Conversion Kit. This provides more freedom for a toddler to get out of bed, and may be a better choice for slightly older children. The kit can be easily assembled by one person, even though it has more parts to replace than the Sparrow conversion kit's single panel.

Other things you might want to consider placing in a crib (or even a toddler bed) are toys that stimulate cognitive development. Make sure before introducing new toys that they are non-toxic and not small enough to swallow. However to ensure perfect safety, hanging toys over the crib is the safer course.

The nursery might benefit from other accessories that you can place near the crib, such as the Oeuf Toy Store, which is ideal for storing your child's trinkets when he's done playing with them. It's an ingeniously designed toy storage consisting of three shelves that stack on top of one another in a frame, at a height that's easily reached by a child.