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Nurseryworks Dressers

The Guide to Designing the Baby Nursery and Children's Bedrooms with Storage in Mind Nurseryworks

Baby furniture now commonly includes drawers, cabinets and storage areas that are incorporated into cribs, changers or dressers. It is usually a practical idea to hit two birds with one stone; if you can find nursery furniture items that double as storage areas, such as Nurseryworks, it will certainly help you save space in your nursery and make organization a cinch!

For instance, when your child gets a little older and is ready to graduate into using a bed, you can later opt to replace your crib with a Nurseryworks Duet Bunk Bed with Storage. The Nurseryworks Duet Bunk Bed offers multiple options for customizing the bed for whichever offers the most convenience and efficiency for your needs and room design. In addition, the unit offers three underbed drawers that can be used to store clothes and other child toys and necessities. The bunk bed is the absolute choice for parents who love to customize, and is one of Nurseryworks' primary examples of children's furniture that offers a whole other level of flexibility. The top bunk can even be converted into more space with a conversion kit option.

The more common type of baby storage, however, is the nursery dresser. For parents who wish to keep their child's sleeping space and furniture separate, the better choice might be the Nurseryworks Three-Wide Dresser. The Nursery Three-Wide Dresser provides plenty of space to store all the things your child needs or plays with - mostly clothes and similar necessities. The dresser is easily expandable, leaving you with a lot of room as your 'needs' grow. Individual drawers are stacked, but remain connected for stability. This is a good choice for when you have more than one toddler in the nursery as well.

Changing drawers are also staple companions to cribs. Nurseries usually have a changing station somewhere to make diaper changes more convenient for parents. Many of these stations also provide plenty of space below the actual changing tray to store fresh diapers, baby wipes, powder, and the other needed materials. The Nurseryworks Abbey Changer is one good example. The unit is in a clean, simple snow shade and has a removable changing tray that makes it easier to clean in case things get messy -- or when those diaper changing days are over! Other than its reliable functionality, the changer comes with detailed handcrafted designs on the frame, adding an elegant sense of style that will go well with your nursery.

If you find that traditional cabinets hold more appeal for you, then check out the elegant Nurseryworks Canterbury Changing Table. This particular changing table exudes a more conventional design, as demonstrated by the spiralling supports. The accents come in either dark or natural catalpa wood finishes, adding a touch of elegance to an already beloved classic. The Canterbury Changing Table offers three long drawers that you can maximize for storage, and you can eventually remove the tray altogether to transform the unit into a stylish designer dresser when your baby is older.

Bookcases for the Nursery Nurseryworks

Many parents are keen to instill a love of reading in their children, and they intend to do so early. While toys are important to mentally stimulate a growing baby, parents reading to their children may also help them get used to the spoken word (and eventually, the written one). So the question is: where do you place all the books? You can choose to get the Nurseryworks Storytime Bookcase to hold all the books your baby will accumulate over the years. Both sturdy and stylish, the Storytime Bookcase has an anti-tipping mechanism that helps prevent the case from toppling over when the two stacks are full. While the unit is originally sold as a single stack, one has the option of paying for another stack to be added on top.

Another more creatively designed bookcase is the Nurseryworks Tree Bookcase, which uses a mimicked tree's branches to hold books. If your nursery has a playful, novel feel to it, this bookcase will do perfectly. It's a great choice for nurturing your child's imagination, and it looks good, too. The Tree Bookcase can hold up to 100 books at one time, and is secured snugly to the wall for maximum durability. You even get to choose between having a white or green tree in your nursery. The book case is made of zero-grade MDF and high-gloss lacquers to ensure that it stays in tip top shape for your child's growing years.

If you don't have room for an extra book case in the nursery, it might be a good idea to check out previous drawer selections that could double as a book case. You might save one drawer entirely for books while you use the rest for baby clothes. While it might be fun to have all the necessary furniture to complete your nursery, keep in mind that less can be more, especially in terms of efficiency!