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CRIB MATTRESS | Baby Mattresses - Crib Mattresses

Crib Mattress - Baby Mattresses - Crib Mattresses
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Magis Bunky Bed Mattress
Price: $600.00
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Picking bedroom mattresses for children can be a very confusing task for parents. Among all the other features that it must bear, however, what is most important is that it is comfortable and safe. This becomes even more vital if the mattresses that are being dealt with are for the small and fragile kids. It is not exactly the most apparent element in a children’s bedroom but it is most definitely one of those that holds a very essential role.

Mattresses come in a wide array of sizes including twin, single, and crib size. For this choice, the age of the child will be the biggest determinant. A crib mattress will work best for infants and toddlers while an extra long twin will be enough for a tall kid. A mattress has been designed to work with a matching box spring. To save parents the trouble of mattress and spring box mismatches, it would be best to purchase these two together.

Conventional mattresses are made with polyvinyl chloride. Although this is something that can pass off as comfortable; it is not exactly the safest material for a children’s mattress. Such material is known to emit chemical emissions which are known to be carcinogens. It would be best to opt for those that are made of natural materials like organic wool or cotton. Organic wool is naturally flame resistant and would be a good alternative as to other toxic flame retardant chemicals.

The coil count refers to the number of coils that are found inside the mattress. The higher the coil count; the sturdier and more expensive the mattress is. Children, however, do not exactly weigh too much. Unless parents would want let their kid use the mattress up until the kid grows bigger, coil count would not exactly make a big difference in choosing kids mattresses. A basic and well-constructed mattress should already do a wonderful job for any typical child.

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