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MODERN LIGHTING | Kids Lighting | Kids Lamps - Nursery Lighting

Modern Lighting - Kids Lamps - Kids Lighting - Nursery Lighting
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Artecnica Bright Side of Life
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Artecnica Come Rain Come Shine - Black
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Artecnica Come Rain Come Shine - Multi
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Artecnica Come Rain Come Shine - White
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Artecnica Garland Globe with Rubber Cord
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Artecnica Garland Globe with Textile Cord
Artecnica Grand Trianon
Price: $180.00
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Artecnica In the Right Light
Artecnica Kiss
Price: $279.00
Artecnica La Couronne
Price: $49.00
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Artecnica Light without Darkness
Artecnica Petit Trianon
Price: $125.00
Artecnica Phrena
Price: $96.00
Artecnica Phrena 2
Price: $79.00
Artecnica Square Phrena
Price: $118.00
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Artecnica Tangle Globe
Price: $327.00
Artecnica Yorky - Pink
Price: $71.00
Artecnica Yorky - White
Price: $71.00
Artecnica Yorky - Yellow
Price: $71.00
Fatboy Edison the Grand
Price: $699.00
Fatboy Edison the Medium
Price: $329.00
Fatboy Edison the Petit
Price: $89.00
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Fatboy Edison the Petit and Cooper Cappie
Lafer Lamp
Price: $269.00
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When a room is full of furniture, the sheets are tucked on a bed just right, and your modern tastes have become clear throughout your decorated home, all you have left are those finishing touches. When planning your child’s room, one of these finishing touches can come in the form of kids lighting , which can ease those times in the dark and create a calm mood. Nursery Lamps can provide the soothing and calming effect that your little one needs when they’re falling asleep.

Combining a sleek modern style with safe eco-friendly options can provide wonderful kids lamps for your child’s room. Their safety is vital, so when deciding which nursery lamps to purchase, it is important to remember to look for styles that are heat free or that can be placed on a countertop away from your child’s reach. It is also helpful to look for eco-friendly options that are safe alternatives for your child to be near. You may also strive to find kids lamps that meet the style needs of your modern family. Kids lighting is an important finishing touch when your son or daughter is not ready to sleep in the complete dark. Just enough light can be comforting and can set a relaxed mood. There are several companies that offer a variety of kids lamps that take into account the safety features and needs of children and their family.

Mobi’s TykeLights will “light up” your child’s life and will be more than just nursery lamps . This little friend comes in several colors and models which are safe and impact resistant. These energy resistant lamps are also heat free and easy to clean. While some change colors, others dim, and still more are portable, TykeLights will be a joy and help soothe your child into a sweet slumber. You will also be able to sleep better knowing that your child is safe and comforted. Offi and Co. feature kids lamps that serve more than their function; they become a “pet” and a toy all in one. “My pet lamps” are a cheerful, modern addition to your child’s room. They’re made of non toxic odor free plastic and come in a variety of animal shapes. Your child can decorate his or her own dog and draw on a teddy bear, adding hours of fun to what is normally not interactive. With replaceable bulbs, these table lamps/night lights will never cease to be a source of fun in your kids lighting . A soft glow from soft colors can be found in Sitting Bull’s Lumibear.

These adorable bears brighten up a room in more ways than one. Modern and unique pieces are showing up everywhere; why should that stop in your child’s room? That contemporary touch can apply everywhere, right down to your nursery lamps . The choice you make for your kids lighting needs can make a room extra special for that special addition in your life. Now you can light up their life the way they light up yours.

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