Sprout Kids Table - White
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Sprout Kids Table - White

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Sprout Kids Table - White
Sprout Kids Table - White Sprout Kids Table - White
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Sprout Kids Table - White by Sprout Kids:

The Sprout Kids Table is perfect for drawing, play, or projects.  Use it like a folding table; break it down when you don't need it and set it up again in just seconds when you need it. Order the table with our kids chairs or kids stools to make a complete kids table and chair set. Sprout modular furniture comes flat packed and ready to assemble. Tool-less assembly is simple and easy; just pop the modular components together and you’re done. Furniture is easily collapsible making moving and storage easy. Made of MDF, a sustainable pre-consumer recycled wood product, the Sprout Kids Table is an eco friendly furniture solution your children will love. A durable melamine facing on the wood makes it easy to clean. Packaging is made of paper products. See our Materials page for more detail. The Sprout Kids Table is made in the USA. Not for outdoor use.
  • Tool-free assembly
  • No Hardware
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Assembles Repeatedly
  • Disassemble for Easy Storage
  • Interchangeable Parts
  • Durable and Washable Surfaces
  • Made in the USA
  • Made from Recycled Preconsumer Material
  • Flat Pack for Easy Shipping
  • Material: MDF Melamine Facing
Product Details:
  • Weight (lbs): 150.0
  • Dimensions: 29.5" W x 29.5" D x 20" H
  • Who: Sprout Kids

Availability: Typically Ships in 1-3 Business Days.

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Manufacturer Details: Sprout Kids

Our Philosophy

Sprout’s philosophy, play.think.grow, is based on the belief that we learn by interacting with our surroundings, so we should create surroundings that lend themselves to interacting with. To some furniture is a fixture. To us it is a toy. It is a way of interacting and learning.

Growing up ... As a kid, I grew up in rural community and spent my childhood building trails, bridges, zip lines, and forts in the trees near my house. As I got older I worked at my dad’s cabinet shop and built paddle boats, steam engines, and motorized buggies. I dreamed of (and still do dream of) becoming an inventor and an entrepreneur. But it all began before I was big enough to pick up a hammer or saw. My love of discovering, creating, and inventing started while sitting on the floor in the middle of a pile of Legos. These tiny pieces were my medium of creativity, just like paint, clay, or the keys on a piano. They could be put together, then rearranged, and reformed to create something new time and time again. My mom would frequently tell me and my siblings that, "Lego's are to make and break." The value of Legos was not what we created, but that became creators. Legos took me from playing with trucks to building trucks, from dreaming to doing, and the more we do the more we allow ourselves to dream. What is so great about legos? They lower the barriers to creativity. Anyone can dream. I don’t have to expensive tools, or honed skills to build.It released the inventor in me. That’s what great toys do. They don’t just entertain. They inspire. They enable. They build confidence in young minds. All of the greats have: Lincoln Logs, Tinker Toys, Erectors Sets, Legos, K’nex. Sprout is taking an everyday object and bringing it down to a level that kids can now build and create as opposed to simply use and play with.

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WOW! What a tremendous effort. Thank you so much! I am very happy that you were able to pull this off and so excited that my son will have such a special desk! Thanks again for your hard work on this order. I will certainly order more from you in the future and appreciate your excellent customer service and communication. It is a rarity in today's world.
- Stephanie H. (Los Angeles)

Thank you very much for addressing my concerns and answering my questions so quickly, it is helpful and very much appreciated!
- Nichole (Cincinnati, OH)

"You guys are awesome. I will absolutely use your site again, and recommend you to friends."
- Rachel F. (Virginia)

Thank you! Your customer service team has been absolutely phenomenal and I appreciate all the help and quick communication that I have received."
- Christina (Fort Collins, CO)

Thanks for the response! We received the items and we LOVE them....the kids are going crazy. Might even need to get a third.. .:) Also, thanks for responding about the chairs. I'll be ordering a set of two chairs and coordinating sheets for the dwell studio changing cover - we love that too!
-Karen K. (New York, NY)

Thank you so much! I sincerely appreciate how My Urban Child has handled this situation.
-Meghan F. (Stamford, CT)

"Thanks so much for your quick and positive reply. I am thrilled with your customer service and will definitely shop online with you again."
- Genevieve S. (Florida)

Oh my goodness. You are amazing. I have been looking for a bed for my daughter and have been asking many questions to the companies who are selling them. No one wants to answer my questions and it has been so frustrating. Thank you again!
-Michelle (Customer Service Quote)

"Thanks very much. Your customer service has been outstanding."
- Steve (Point Roberts, WA)

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