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Designing the Playroom

Designing Your Child's Playroom

Take a spin on your creative side touching up your child's playroom. The playroom is usually separate from the nursery, as the latter is where your child goes through the necessary motions: sleep, get changed, feed, etc. A playroom, on the other hand, is where all the fun stuff happens, especially if your child is a little older. The playroom is typically filled with toys, books and bright colors on the wall meant to further stimulate a child's developing mental and cognitive abilities. Nurseryworks

Choosing Storage Units

Because a separate playroom is usually a good idea to help keep your present nursery organized, the former can get pretty messy. Clutter is a parent's number one nemesis, and should be a major consideration when hauling in new furniture to set up in the playroom.

One of the first questions that you need to ask yourself is—where are you going to keep all the toys? A medium- to large- sized toy chest should do the trick. Check around for toy chests that are durable and can store different kinds of kiddie toys, and you can even look for one that has an attractive design to help motivate your child to learn to put away his toys after playing with them.

The Ark Group Harry Toy Box comes in soothing white and blue shades, and is a great choice to go with a playroom that has similar tones. The chest is made of solid Nordic pine—high quality material that makes this unit perfect for the long haul over the years. Aside that, the easy-to-open lid makes it easy for kids to put away their toys on their own.

Another similar toy chest is the Ark Group Ellie Toy Chest, which is similarly built to the Harry Toy Box, except it comes in white and pink colors.

If you'd rather save on space and would prefer going vertical instead, choose the Ark Group Ava 5 Drawer Narrow Chest. This is a beautifully handcrafted drawer in white, with five separate dressers that can help organize your child's things—goes great with minimally designed playroons.

Remember that toy chests are fairly large, and when not used correctly, can cause more mess than they were meant to clean up. Children tend to pull out all the toys in search for one stuck at the bottom, creating the clutter you wanted to prevent. If possible, get yourself a couple of small transparent plastic containers to store toys, which can then go into the larger toy box. This way, your child can immediately see what he's looking for without all hell breaking loose. In addition, the contents of your big toy box are much better organized.

On the other hand, if you're thinking you need more storage space than the ordinary toy chest, consider getting the Babyletto Modo Kids Modular Storage Horizontal Set in Espresso Finish. Designed to kill all and any chances of clutter, this Modular Storage set offers you the opportunity to further organize your playroom. It's also great for when you have more than one child with a wide assortment of toys. Nurseryworks

The storage set features six stacked storage units, as well as three drawers on the bottom. It also boasts a storage cube and two modular storage cabinets. If that's not enough, you even have the option of purchasing more stackable storage units, which is good for when your kids start growing up and accumulating more stuff. The pine wood and espresso finish also look extremely classy—combining both attractiveness and functionality in one product.

A similar storage product is the Babyletto Modo Modern Modular Storage Wall The Wall in Espresso Finish. This unit is aimed at playrooms for much older kids who are able to reach up to the storage cabinets. One of its main features is its nine stackable units that help you maximize storage space by offering more cabinets, cubes and drawers to choose from.

Another Babyletto variant worth checking out is the Babyletto Modo Kids Modular 2 Storage Cube and 2 Drawer Set in Espresso Finish. It is a slightly smaller storage unit that you can use if you don't have as much space to spare.

If you have room for a little more creativity, opt for the quirky Pkolino Café con LEche Clothes Tree. This clothes tree helps you make sense of the growing pile of children's clothes on your playroom floor. They can be used to store jackets, towels, and other clothing that have been used but are not quite yet ready to throw in the washer. The Pkolino Clothes Tree's café wood finish looks pretty sleek, too, and does wonders to add a certain charm to your playroom. The unit is made of fiber board and premier wood veneer.

Playroom furniture

But of course, let's not forget the fun stuff. Children love playrooms for all the things they get to do inside them, and letting their imagination run free is a huge part of its appeal.

Depending on how old your children are, invest in a couple of toys that will help build teamwork, stimulate critical thinking skills, or enhance creativity. Toys that help them exercise are also good, though you might want to consider whether you have enough space in the playroom for that kind of movement.

If your child is old enough to walk without losing his balance, he's going to love spending time on a bObles Small Obstacle Course Set. Sure, from a grownup's perspective it doesn't seem like much, but to a child, Tumbling Animals are a haven for epic adventures. The set is environmentally-friendly and non-toxic, and meets the necessary safety standards.

The set includes five main pieces: a six-layer turquoise fish, a purple crocodile, and three lime chickens. Creating obstacle courses with the animals, or using them in role play with another child can do well for his mental stimulation. Whatever your child decides to do with the Obstacle Course Set, his imagination and motor skills develop a lot easier with this kind of toy.

The bObles line hs an assortment of other similar toy animals that you can add to your purchase. You can even bring your child along to the store with you and ask him to choose among the 6-Layer Tumbling Whale or the 10--Layer Tumbling Worm Chair

A playroom is usually incomplete without a place for children to sit and have tea, pore over board games, or read a book. A good choice would be the Pkolino Café con Leche Little One. Made of fiber board and premier wood veneer, this quality playroom furniture is designed to last for a long time.

Younger children will enjoy working on their drawing books on thePkolino Craft Table Children, which features a table and two benches—great if you have more than one child to share the table with.

Other additional furniture that you can add to the playroom includes the Pkolino Duck and Ostrich Chairs While this set doesn't come with a table, they can be easily purchased to accommodate more children in your playroom, in case you have more kids around or your original furniture finally bogged down.

Making use of creative furniture also helps children learn how to organize their things better. For children who like storing their books creatively, get the Pkolino Giraffe Bookcase which makes for a great combination between creatively design and playful appeal. You can even add its variant, the Pkolino Elephant Wall Easel to the playroom. The Elephant Wall Easel offers an awesome way to help showcase your child's artwork in a unique way that'll keep them reaching for the paints-and-crayons box.