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CHILDRENS BENCHES | Playroom Storage Benches - Kids Benches

Childrens Benches - Playroom Storage Benches - Kids Benches
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Anatex Wooden Benches
Price: $40.00
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Jennifer Delonge Parker Child Sofa in Microsuede
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Jennifer Delonge Parker Child Sofa in Prints
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Jennifer Delonge Parker Child Sofa in Velvet
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KidKraft Nantucket Playroom Storage Benches
Powell Turino Bench
Price: $219.00
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Decorating a kid’s bedroom or playroom can be a daunting task for many parents. Aside from the need to ensure that it is something that the kid will actually like, it should also be a safe zone to protect them from all the rowdy playing that they are bound to do. One of the most ought after fixture today is childrens benches. They are great pieces to sit, play, and interact with and use. With the wide selection in stores today, choosing the best one is a challenge.

One of the most popular child’s benches today is the functional playroom storage benches. Extra storage in a kid’s room will always be welcomed as it is always scattered with toys and other trinkets that the child plays with. These playroom storage benches come in a variety of storage styles so parents should be able to find one that will exactly fit their specific needs and preferences. Such kind of bench will also teach the child at an early age to tidy up after themselves.

There are individual kids benches that are part of small furniture sets. Along with the bench, it can also include single chairs and tables. For those parents who are particular with style and décor, buying the entire set containing the bench would actually be a very wise decision. Aside from the aesthetic element that it gives the room, it will also allow the child’s peers to play and interact together, creating a very healthy environment for their growth and development.

Childrens benches come in an array of designs and styles. There are those that come in themes to further allow the child’s imagination to soar. If a child is already old enough, it would be a good idea that parents bring them along while shopping for such piece of furniture. This way, parents are assured that whatever they bring home is something that the child will love and cherish. Benches for kids should be something that is fun and functional.

Featured Product: Pkolino soft playroom storage benches for Modern Children's Playroom Seating - A modern take on the traditional child's bench seating, our modern furniture for kids rooms and kids bean bags chairs are designed as the center room style. The chairs benches and playroom piece are built to last. We offer a vast collection of children's benches to fit any decor. Representing functional and aesthetic longevity, our modern kids playroom sets and playroom furniture will delight.

Accessorizing a child’s room can be a challenging but fun opportunity to use your imagination. Although a child’s playroom usually consists of the typical furniture, playroom storage benches can be the perfect addition. The vast collection of children's benches will fit any décor and style. If looking for kids benches that provide a modern look, the Heller collections of children benches are a great option. These childrens benches are appropriate for indoor/outdoor commercial, institutional and residential use.

The Iglooplay collection of kids benches combines organic forms, ergonomics and a modernist sensibility to playfully engage both children and adults. The furniture provides a safe sense of place for children, enhances their creativity through play, and integrates gracefully into contemporary, everyday family life. Offering Tea pods, these childrens benches are an organic, growing system of various sizes and shapes conceived as sculptural and moveable furniture for children and adults. When kids flip the pieces into different positions, the pods and tray can become a stool, side table, bench, ottoman, lounger or play object and the accompanying tray is great for kids' snacks as well as for parents to entertain after bedtime! Playroom storage benches serve two functions at the same time- storage and somewhere to place the little one’s things. If versatility is the goal, then the KidKraft collection of kids benches is right for your child.

For instance, the top of the bench can be used for seating or additional storage, three storage bins are perfect for sports equipment, shoes, and toys sliding in and out of the bench for convenient access, and it is perfect for placing at the foot of the child’s bed. However, what’s a child’s playroom if not filled with fun. The Levels of Discovery line has a wide variety of themed playroom storage benches that are the epitome of fun and games. From all star sports to fairy wishes, there is a bench for every kid out there. Although kids benches do not seem to be a necessity, they are a great way to decorate a child’s room while still providing an accessible place that teaches them to be neat. While some playroom storage benches like the Offi and Co. line serve mainly as classic storage, others incorporate art and imagination into it much like the Powell Rock & Roll Media bench that allows your kid to let their innate rock star out of its shell.

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