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BABY DRESSERS | Nursery Dressers - Dressers for Kids

Baby Dressers – Nursery Dressers – Dressers for Kids
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DwellStudio Mid-Century Dresser in French White
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Franklin & Ben Arlington Double Wide Dresser - White
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Oeuf Merlin 6 Drawer Dresser with Classic Base
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Oeuf Merlin 6 Drawer Dresser with Rhea Base
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Oeuf Merlin 6 Drawer Dresser with Sparrow Base
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Oeuf Sparrow Nightstand
Price: $400.00
Spot on Square Roh Credenza
Price: $1,790.00
Spot on Square Roh Dresser
Price: $1,390.00
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Spot On Square Ulm Dresser/Changer - Birch
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TrueModern 11 Ply Changing Table Dresser

Next to the cribs, baby dressers are most likely the next most important fixture that is contained in a nursery. This is the most crucial piece of furniture that houses a baby’s clothes and all of their needs. Today’s modern dressers already come equipped with new features so that it can also be used for other things aside from storage. Nursery dressers also now come in a wide array of style and design choices so that parents can choose one that will complement the overall scheme of the nursery.

From simple 2-drawer dressers to those that come with extensive 10-drawer storage, consumers are now faced with so many choices depending on their budget, size, and style requirements. Still, it should be noted that such consideration should not be solely based on the parents; the needs of the baby will have to be considered as well. Further, baby dressers are already available with stylish looks which should make it very easy to blend it into the look of contemporary homes.

Contemporary nursery dressers have been tweaked so that it offers the best features for storage, along with a few other offerings. Baby furniture designers now have also ventured out of tradition and have come up with unique and unusual designs. Surprisingly, such innovation gave way to the creation of a fun and modern piece of furniture that will create a good piece for a baby’s room. It will work as ideal dressers for kids once the babies have grown up.

As time passes, parents might find that their growing baby will call for an updated version of a dresser to create more storage space for their clothing and toys. When this time comes, parents can then bring their child’s furniture up to date by getting dressers for kids. Still, the same considerations in purchasing a baby dresser will have to be factored in. At this point, children can have a say in the kind and style of dresser that they would want to incorporate their bedrooms with.

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