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BABY HAMMOCKS | Infant Hammock - Baby Sleeping Hammock

Baby Hammocks - Infant Hammock - Baby Sleeping Hammock
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Hushamok Dream Stand
Price: $276.00
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Hushamok Okoa Stand
Price: $349.00
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Hushamok Organic Cotton Baby Sleeping Hammock
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Hushamok Organic MySeat
Price: $299.00

An infant hammock is essentially just a small hammock that has been specifically sized and designed for a baby to sleep in. Usually, hammocks are those that are hanging from the ceiling or on poles. Many parents are already opting to equip nurseries with this piece of furniture as this has shown to help babies sleep and get a good night’s rest. This also gives them the assurance and peace of mind that their little bundle of joy is sleeping snuggly and securely.

It might seem like it, but baby hammocks, have some differences when compared to their adult version. At first glance, it might appear that they are completely similar with only their size as the aspect that sets them apart. Upon close inspection, though, you should find, particularly with a baby sleeping hammock, it has been designed in a way that it meets the specific needs of a child. For one, it is mostly made of breathable fibers. It can also have a futon mattress inserted for additional comfort.

When purchasing baby hammocks, it is important that you ensure the quality of the materials of the fixture as well as the reputation of the company that produced it. Know a hammock’s weight limit along with how it has been testes as an assurance that it will hold the weight for a long time. A baby sleeping hammock that has been properly designed and crafted should provide the baby with upmost comfort so that it is able to sleep soundly in it.

If there is one reason as to why parents are opting to put their babies in hammocks, it would have to be feeling that it offers which comparable to being actually held by a parent. This should help them feel more relaxed and comfortable. Aside from the cradling feeling that an infant hammock gives to babies, another advantage of hammocks is the rhythmic swinging motion that it provides. This helps settle a restless baby and ensure that they get the quality sleep that they need and deserve.

The Hushamok Dream baby hammocks are designed to provide you and your baby the most peaceful night’s sleep. Baby sleeping hammock are amazing pieces of furniture and one of the leaders in the industry is Hushamok. The modern, lightweight design of the Usana (means baby in Kiswahili) stand paired with soft 100% organic cotton will provide your baby a restful “hushamok” night. So if you have the space a infant hammock is the way to go, for little to have a peaceful sleep, while giving you peace of mind.

Baby Hammocks are a comfortable and modern way to provide your child with needed sleep, and sure to be wonderful dreams. My Urban Child has various options by Hushamock to enhance a baby’s nursery. Hushamok guards against potentially serious health concerns that can arise during a baby’s sleep, while providing innovative designs for every baby sleeping hammock preference. The Hushamock Dream Infant Hammock can be used both in indoor and outdoor environments, and is made from 100% Turkish organic cotton to ensure the protection of your baby’s sensitive skin. It includes a poly-filled hypoallergenic mattress and two fitted sheets in the same color as the baby hammock, and is conveniently machine washable and easy for travel. Weighing only 11 pounds, the Hushamok Dream Infant Hammock is made of a light aluminum in order to provide flexibility and a stylish look.

The Hushamok Okoa Stand, takes baby hammocks to a whole new level. Made of sustainable European beechwood with stainless steel castings, it will give an artistic touch to the Hushammock baby hammock or MySeat. The Hushamok Organic Cotton Baby Sleeping Hammock includes an organic baby hammock in an undyed organic cotton, mattress, 2 matching fitted sheets, and a leaf spring, and is used on Hushamok stands such as the Okoa. The Hushamock Lambskin Liner will surely make your baby have sweet dreams, with the warmth and comfort that the ultra-plush surface provides. It can be used on any of the Hushamok baby hammocks by simply placing it underneath the mattress for the added comfort of a natural wool sleeper. It is made of New Zealand Bowron lambskins and manufactured especially for babies. Due to it being environmentally friendly, the wool will not shed, avoiding any pilling or loose fibers. The infant hammock is made of non allergenic wool, is inflammable, and static-free passing all safety tests for a baby. It doesn’t only need to be used in the winter, however. Wool is breathable and wicks moisture away from the body to keep your child warm in the winter and cool in the summer. But the comfort shouldn’t be limited to your child’s sleep.

The Hushamok Organic Myseat ensures safety and support as your child becomes more alert and interactive. The infant hammock includes a tether, neck support, and harness system to ensure you a peace of mind. It eliminates all extra clutter in your home and it is easy to adapt and adjust to older children, since your child will be quickly growing before your eyes.

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