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BABY HOODED TOWELS | Kids Shower Curtains - On The Go Potty

Baby Hooded Towels – Kids Shower Curtains – On The Go Potty
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Bath time can be one of the most relaxing parts of your day! You have the chance to bond with your little one while they take a soothing bath, getting wrapped in one of our baby hooded towels that can calm them down for bed or refresh them for the day. Whatever the time of day, it helps to have accessories like designer kids shower curtains that allow everything to go smoothly – in style and with ease. Anyone who has given a child a bath knows that when it’s time to get out of the tub, they may be a little squirmy and slip out of an ordinary towel. Baby hooded towels are just the thing to make transitions from the tub a breeze. With cozy terry cloth materials and a warm hood, Baby hooded towels ensure your child is dried off while being snuggled and feeling secure. Whether you’re bathing your infant in their own little tub or you’re creating bubbles in the bath with your toddler, bath time usually takes place in the bathroom. As a modern family, you want your decorative tastes to come through in each room, including this one. Kids shower curtains are a great way to accessorize and add a splash of color or a contemporary design, making your room inviting and fun for your child’s eyes. There are options ranging from large polka dots to garden blossom patterns for your kids shower curtains . With endless design opportunities, these will grow with your child. As your child does grow, and ultimately becomes potty training, an on the go potty will give your kid the chance to be successful anywhere. If the mood strikes while in the tub, or you find yourself at a family member’s house or in town, an on the go potty can be set up quickly and ensure your son or daughter be able to go to the washroom easily. Bath time is just one of the times that your child’s belongings can be trendy, comfortable, and make all your lives that much easier. Baby Star baby hooded towels come in two piece sets with a hooded towel and a wash cloth. Both are made from cotton and an ultra absorbent terry cloth. These will feel great against your little one’s smooth skin. Their towels are formaldehyde-free and azo-free, creating a safe option for your baby and the environment. These eco-friendly materials are easy to wash and come in the exclusive deigns featured by Baby Star. Whether your modern tastes place you in favor of blue balloons or daisies, the designs in bold colors will wrap your little one up in style. Dwell Studio also features hooded baby towels in unique designs that remain timeless in quality and use materials that are eco friendly. This company also designs coordinating bath mats to liven up the décor and kids shower curtains that do the same. Although this does not add that splash of color to your bathroom or wrap your child up in comfortable cotton, an on the go potty is a great thing to have tucked away in your bathroom. With options that have locking legs and disposable liners, and that can be tucked in a diaper bag or away in a storage bin, these potties ensure your child can go when they have to go! Even if that does mean in the middle of bath time! Every moment of your child’s day should be special, and these little touches while your little one is splashing around make that possible.

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