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General Home Designing for Parents

General Home Designing for Parents

We all have our ideal home. Our dream house may differ from person to person, but one thing is in common - we want to live in comfort. While we all have our own tastes, you have to keep in consideration of your significant other, and we also have to make sure that our children will appreciate the house’s design as well.

This guide will aid you in designing a house not only for you, but for children as well. Your children should have say in your design choices because kids appreciate design. The environment your children live in play’s a major role in their development.Natural Play Areas

Rooms for Houses with Kids

While making sure that your kids’ interests are considered, keep in mind that practicality and functionality is very important. Children don’t care about how efficient or stylish the furniture is. Some of your furniture during your children’s younger years should have some safety and usefulness to your child’s growth.

So what rooms should your house have?

Of course, there are the essentials such as the kitchen, dining room, bedrooms and bathroom. Some people opt for extra space such as a private den, library and attic. Still, if you have children or considering children a house should have at least five rooms to suit your everyday needs. Once you figure out your family needs in a home, you then can consider extra options you need.

The optional rooms may depend on you and your family’s interests. Would you like a private space for you to relax and lounge after a long day? Then you should probably look on getting a den, complete with a couple of couches, a television and stereo, personal computer and other things you need to relax.

If you’re more of a bookworm and love collecting and reading classic books, then you could invest in a home that has a library with built-in shelves. You will probably add an oversize office chair, a desk couches and a reading chair so keep you comfortable during relax time reading. If this is what you are looking for in a home and you can’t find a sturdy reading chair or extra accent chairs that will last a long time, you can try the Context Furniture Narrative Arm Chair.

Decorations and Furniture

The color scheme is very important and might be the most effective way on how your guests will see your home style. It has been proven that the type of color you put on your wall will affect the type of emotion you will have. For example, the color yellow reflects the feeling of exuberance and joy, while black may create an atmosphere that is somber.

Your color selections also determine the overall look of your home. If there’s a specific theme you have in mind when planning out your homes style, it’s necessary that you take the colors seriously. Victorian-themed houses require shades of red, white and blue while houses with a cabin feel look better with woody, earthy tones.

When entering your home your style in furniture might not be the first thing you see, but your choice in furniture will complement your homes style. Not only does your choice in furniture provide you space for you, your family, and your visitors, but they also make up the overall look of your rooms.

If you’re going for a room that is cozy with a little bit of grandeur, then the Context Furniture Narrative Arm Chairis a very good choice. It’s soft but not too stuffy, and it can even come with a leg rest.

In living rooms, a Jennifer Delonge Ava Child Sofa is a perfect addition for your child and their friends in a room made for adults. The sofa’s design and style are perfect for you and is design to seat several little people at once. Jennifer Delonge also makes and adult version for all of your guests as well and will make them feel comfortable, or it could simply be used to sit down with your love ones and have some popcorn and watch a late night movie.

There’s a wide variety of furniture to choose from to go along with the look you want, but for now let’s talk about decorating your rooms.

Room Furniture

Your tables, chairs, shelves and other furniture should serve the need and purpose of your specific rooms. For example, tabletop counters belong in the kitchen, not in the living room or bedroom, just the kitchen.

You should pick seats that not only go with the overall design of your room, but also are practical and convenient to use. The number of people that the room can hold is an issue, too. Do you plan to have a living room where you can hold big parties, or a cozy nook where you can curl up during evenings?

The Living Room

This is probably the second best room in the house outside of the kitchen. The living room is where the family gets together and lounges. Naturally, this should be the first room in your home that you and your guest will come across in your house (unless they got in from the back).

In your living room you will want seats that are comfortable and conducive to social interaction. A good idea would be oversize large couches and comfortable armchairs if you have the space. If you don’t have very much space, just make sure all of your seats are comfortable.

The Jennifer Delonge Milo Table and Bench is mostly used for outdoor patios, but they can also double as indoor seats.

Similar to one of the items displayed above, the Jennifer Delonge Parker Child Sofa in Velvet would also make a very fine selection for your child in the living room. It’s comfortable, pleasing to the eyes, and you just can’t deny its velvety goodness once your child sits in it.

The Bedroom

A bed doesn’t have to be all there is in a bedroom. You can also have chairs, ottomans and sofas to sit in, especially when you have a oversize mirror and need to fix yourself up, you will need a place to sit.

If you’re into poufs (ottomans), or rounded cushions, as seats, then you definitely should try Jennifer Delonge Moroccan Poufs. The image here may be in sky blue, but they also come in different colors.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is arguably the room that requires the most efficiency; you will need furniture that is fully functional and sturdy for everyday use.

For when you need your children to sit down while you are preparing vegetables and meats for the dinner, here’s theJennifer Delonge Parker Child Sofa in Velvet. Coming in sets of two, this children’s chair set is perfect. It is very sturdy, but are comfortable enough to keep your children relax, quite and in one place while you finish preparing dinner.