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Designing the Living Room for Kids

Designing the Living Room for Kids

Some people like to call this the den. This is where you sit together for a late-night movie, watch a sporting event on TV, merely talk and play board games as a family, or have guests over. This is probably the first room you would enter coming into your home. It might not be as functional or as important as your bedrooms or kitchen, but it still is worthwhile to give the living room your dedication in designing it.Natural Play Areas

There are also many ways of designing a living room, since the accents and furniture you’ll have in this room are totally dependent on your interests as a family, unlike the kitchen and bedroom which serve specific purposes and require some essential elements. With the living room, you can be as creative as you want.

For the last three pages of this home designing guide book, we’ll talk about how to spiff up your living room and make it not just for adults, but for kids as well.

Why should you design your living room?

As mentioned above, the living room is the first room your guests will step into once they visit your house, unless you have a hallway just at your door. And you shouldn’t overlook your living room’s appearance since it sets the tone for how the rest of your home will look like to your guests. Here you can start off your color scheme or theme.

Your living room’s design will also serve your family just like your signature does with you. It highlights the personality and identity you have as a family. You want to present your living furniture in a manner that won’t be forgettable. So you better not pass up the chance to show off what you are as a family through something as seemingly simple as your living room design.

Steps in designing the living room

1. Like mentioned previously, you have more leeway to be creative in designing the living room since it’s mostly used for leisure. So design it according to your family’s interests. Most families have television sets and personal computers in this area. Other essentials are couches, tables, and decorative accents. 2. The living room is most likely to be the biggest room in the house, especially as your guests will be staying there when they come over. However, avoid having too much empty space in the room. 3. While keeping the living room free from excess space, make sure not to overdo it. Clutter is a big no-no in interior design. Instead, while using enough space to keep certain sections from looking bare, make sure to have enough room for the people inside to move freely in, out and through the room. 4. As with other rooms, before you move in all your furniture and accents, design your walls and flooring. You won’t be able to do so once there already are objects in the room. 5. Decorate; add lighting and some modern or traditional accents, depending on your style, to spice up your room. You can have an aquarium and a few paintings if you want.

Living room flooring and wallpapers

To start things, when designing your living room, let your creative juices flow! While most people would rely on others to design their room (with a few requests, of course), you could spare yourself the expenses of hiring an interior designer and do it yourself.

If you want a slightly royal feel to your living room, there are some Victorian-style wallpapers that can be bought at your favorite hardware store. There might be others who prefer to simply paint their walls, but hey, you can never go wrong when using wallpapers with the patterns that you desire.

As for the flooring, you can pretty much use whatever material you want, from tiles to hardwood to pretty much anything else since there’s not much risk of damage, stain or slipping on this area. You may even add a carpet.

Furniture in the living room

For the living room furniture, you’ll need a couch, sectionals, accent chairs or any comfortable chair selection that will allow several people to sit and relax at once. This is for when you’ll have guests over, or for sitting with your family while enjoying video games or ice cream.

If you want a couch that is as stylish as it is practical, then go for the Jennifer Delonge Ava Child Sofa In Basic Linen. This is made of linen that is soft to the touch and certainly not stuffy to sit in, and is also free from toxic substances or dust mites.

But for a sofa that is very oversize, pricey yet wacky, here’s the Zuo Modern Circus Sofa. It costs more than twice the previous example, but its very edgy look doesn’t compromise comfort.

There’s a lot more choices in the market. You may mix and match as much as you want, don’t be afraid to experiment and try out new things. They’ll eventually work out for you in the end.

Good luck with your home designing!