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Designing Playground Quiet and Social Areas

Designing Playground Quiet and Social Areas

The quiet areas of a playground are a great retreat from all the rowdy playing and running around. It is in such an area where the children can read, talk, or observe the things that are happening around them. Such a place calls for a spot in the playground where the child is able to learn and practice a variety of skills like reflecting and thinking, playing board games, showing and telling, reading, writing, painting, sketching, and the most common social skills.

The site for the quiet area is very crucial. Other ways that this area can be used for aside from being a tranquil retreat for kids include many uses. Can it also be as an area for parents to sit and watch over their kids playing on the play sets and swings nearby? Absolutely! Also, an area for laying and looking at clouds, doing somersaults or just rolling in the grass.

Existing alcoves, wide paths, or paved areas in your space can be converted without the need to compromise the placement and location of the actually playground equipment area. It should also be ensured that the site is visible and can actually be supervised. It might need less supervision than the actual play areas in the playground but an adult should be able to peek in once in a while to make sure that everything is doing alright.

In constructing the quiet area, make sure that there is a clear separation of it from the more active part of the playground. Otherwise, it will defeat the purpose of actually creating a quiet area in the first place. Give it a defined entrance to entice the children to get in and play in it. The area should also have the necessary shelter to serve as protection from the environmental forces of the outdoors.

The seating in this area should be arranged in such a way that the children will be facing each other. This gives room for effective interaction and playing together. Alcoves can also be used in the area where smaller groups of children in twos or threes can play together. A variety of seating can actually be used; benches, picnic tables, and even tree trunks can be used in the area. The Gorilla Playsets Play Set Accessory Child's Picnic Table would be a very good seating area that can seat a considerable number of children so they can all effectively interact with one another.

A quiet area is more than just a place for interaction and non-rowdy playing; it is also a spot where children can enhance their knowledge on practically about anything. With this mind, boxes of books and board games would be good equipments to furnish a quiet area. These boards can even be attached on top of the picnic tables, especially checker and chess boards. The Gorilla Playsets Play Set Accessory Tic Tac Toe Spinner Panel would be a good game to install in a wall of the play area. It takes the hassle out of setting everything up to play a game of tic tac toe since the children will merely have to take turns in spinning the panels for one child to play the game with a peer.

In the various spots in the area, waterproof signs can be put up to give that certain part of the quiet area a name. These signs can also be used to suggest the things that the children can do in the area. Wind chimes, murals, and pictures of varying colors and textures would be very great as these potentially educational materials can enhance and liven up the entire space.

Quiet areas are currently and effectively being used as outdoor classrooms most especially for preschoolers and as they give a whole new and refreshing environment that provides a fresh take on the dull four walls of their classrooms. They make great story telling areas where the students in a class or group can be seated on alcoves that have all been positioned to face a central area where the story teller takes his or her position.

Aside from these, quite areas can be combined with sensory gardens to allow them to explore wonderful flowers and shrubbery or an area for outdoor performances like music playing. The walls of the quiet areas can also be used for a variety of open-ended activities.

There are many children that might be a little more hesitant to join a large group of busy and active children that are openly playing and interacting. Quiet areas in playgrounds will give these children a somewhat safe sanctuary where they can first work and build up their confidence before actually venturing out to join the large group outside.

Putting Together a Social Play Area

The social play area is that which encourages the children to play peacefully with one another. It should also be an avenue for them to encourage language and cooperation skills that will alter on become very useful as they grow old.

Social play is especially important for little children who are in their preschool years as they start veering away from solitary play. Toddlers are more into playing and exploring the world in their own ways. Once they get to the age of three or five years, at this point, they will learn to interact with other children their age. Sharing toys and playing together will already be very common as they get to learn the joy and excitement in playing with their peers.

A small space like that of the Gorilla Playsets Play-Zee-Bo would be a good thing to equip your little playground with. Things just as this provide a small group of children with enough space to slowly interact and play with each other. It should be remembered that children are still learning the concept of sharing during this stage, especially with their toys. Such a small environment will be a very good transition before heading out to big play areas where they will have to deal more children of possibly more diverse personalities and attitudes. They will most likely start out with a friend or two as they venture out into the realm of cooperative playing. To give such twosome a good time playing together, it would be good to equip the playground with activities and games that will be fit for them. The Gorilla Playsets Playset Accessory See Saw should be that perfect toy for your small social play area.

As they move on to associative play and cooperative playing, this that point where they will ultimately have to take turns and share. When looking to create a play area, make sure that toys are more than one kind. There might be some children that still have a hard time sharing with the other children and simply putting one certain kind of toy can spark squabbles.

Still, just like the quiet area, it should be made sure that it the social play area is built and put up in an environment where more can be done than just playing. It should also be an environment for learning where the children can play with educational toys and board games, preferably with each other. Suggestive structures are a good way to enhance the imagination of the children in this area of the playground. The Gorilla Playsets Breckenridge Outdoor Playhouse give the real feel of a house where the children can play pretend with other children of their age. With home furnishings and accessories that almost exactly matches the real thing; the children should have a very good time playing with one another in the roles that they have chosen for themselves.

Play sets that are suggestive of structures will also get their imagination going. Giving them the feeling that they are in a different part of the world on such social play areas will further enhance the experience. The Gorilla Playsets Playset Accessory Ships Wheel or the Gorilla Playsets Playset Accessory Steering Wheel would be a great accessory to put in a play set since they can further get their creative thinking working at they steer their ships through jagged icebergs or as they drive their fast cars down the race track.